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boom-universe whispered: I miss the witchwolf!au :O

I’ve been missing it lately too. I had honestly burnt myself out of it for a while but it might not be too terribly long before I finally update it again :D

I’ve just been lacking the motivation to work on it :(


Some of the questions I’ve gotten over on my Ask Adrian and Co. blog sort of prompted some cutesy middle aged Beedge :3

And one final shot tonight because my connection keeps going in and out. I think Comcast is doing their maintenance again or something, idk :/

brb, giggling forever.

He’s putty in her hands. They’re becoming self-aware!

Cutie pies ♥

The expression in this game kills me though.

Jackson Browne | Somebody’s Baby

I’m kinda’ likin’ ‘em :) I need to do Russ and Melissa next :O

Sorry, though, Adge. You do look just a lil’ more like your dad :x

I still love this messy little room :’)

lol aww XD

As if he doesn’t hate me enough already lol

Opened my WitchWolf household for the first time in like 216154648 years to at least do a few small cosmetic tweaks.

I made Adrian look a little more haggard and now I’m not sure if gusta. He looks even more like his dad @_@


i should buy this shirt

Ask Adrian (and Co.) ▷

Also, answering questions again today if you guys have any :D ♥

lmao! Maybe on a cooler day; it’s too hot in the house to put ‘em on today XD Or I totally would.

But I’m sure atleast one selfie sunday will feature them. Trust me, they’ll come in handy once fall and winter set in. My room becomes an icebox and I layer up like a mad woman when I’ll be sitting at my PC for extended periods :3

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