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A set of 8 brows I made for toddler-child because I could only find like… One other person making children brows. >_> So… Yeah. Btw, for anyone asking, these are the brows I used on Luc. They’re all hand drawn.


And a shoutout to murfeelee for the amazing slew of comments that were left on my last update posts XD ♥ Thanks so much! You had me positively cracking up in the break room at work as I read them, and I’m pretty sure a couple coworkers thought something was wrong with me, but I don’t even care XD


iamthelittlered whispered: Im pretty late on boarding the lunar lakes saryn sulia thing. But could u show me where the beginning is at?

I’ll publish this for anyone else who may be curious :)

I made a post with a bit of information here. It has a link to the page of my Lunar Lakes tag I started posting them on, and it’s somewhere between gameplay and story/commentary :) (And the link lists the posts in chronological order, so yay!)

More Suryn-y mush before I go to bed :3

I’m kinda’ sorta’ in love with simsaywhat's poses at the moment ♥

"I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you smile so much before."

"That’s because I haven’t been this happy in a long, long time.”

/melts into a big, useless puddle of goo

An overdue bed upgrade, and a slight rearrangement :3

Cranberry Apple Seafood Pasta salad. It sounds like a total abomination but it’s sooooo delicious D:

And I just ran out of the container I bought from work oTL

Been a while since I messed with Ronnie, so I gave her a small facelift :3

(and she’s modeling one of my shirts :B)

Here I go pondering ideas for cover art for my novel :B

Maybe I should worry more about writing the damn thing first :P

Patti Smith | Because the Night

Take me now baby here as I am
Pull me close, try and understand
Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
Love is a banquet on which we feed

Come on now try and understand
The way I feel when I’m in your hands

iamthelittlered replied to your post: “Stale Cigarettes” | A Canon Short (Draft)”:
Cani just say..that was beautiful!

Aww, thanks! ;u;

Anonymous whispered: /post/93169996178/im-only-sorry-that-it-took-me-so-long-to wcif the pose?

The poses in the first shot are of my own creation; they can be found here.

Took me a while to find the poses from the second shot, but I did it! They can be found here, in the set Muneca Brava. The creator has some other really nice poses in the thread too :)

merry-go-sims whispered: Ahhhh. I just discovered your simblr at like 2 in the morning while I should be asleep so I can't read EVERYthing yet but I just love your stories and your sims, and just everything. I am seriously like, I must learn from you. Thank you for sharing!

Aww, sorry if I kept you up, but it seems like you enjoyed your stay, so yay! :D Glad you like what you see n_n Thank you for the kind words! ♥



"People are already signing up to meet me? Gosh I’m so flattered!"


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I’ll start working on a sim when I get home from work :D

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