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orangenuke replied to your post: “orangenuke replied to your post: “Thanks again for all the responses,…”:
I was kiddin’…more or less making fun of people who put weird, unnecessary strains on easily pronounced names. XD

I take things too literally :x And yet this is still all I can think of XD

orangenuke replied to your post: “Thanks again for all the responses, you guys!”:
It’s not Suli-AHHH? Damn.

Still open for interpretation however you like :) That’s just how I handle her name personally, haha.

Thanks again for all the responses, you guys!

I wasn’t expecting all that XD But it was nice to see how you all interpret his name :) I think I’ve personally settled on SAR-IN / SAH-RIN (which are essentially one and the same; one just puts a slight bit more emphasis on the A, depending on accent). But I won’t get mad at anyone who reads it otherwise; this was mostly just to satisfy my own personal need.

Why, yes, I AM overthinking this XD

Atleast Sulia’s is pretty self-explanatory. (Exactly the same as Julia, but with an S.)

Anonymous whispered: In my head it's always Suh-Rin, with more emphasis on the S and R than the "uh" sound. idk how to specify that phonetically, but I hope you understand. have a good day <3

That makes sense, too :) Such a pronunciation had crossed my mind as well, tbh. I’m leaning towards SAH-RIN at the moment though, but as I said, you guys are free to interpret it as you wish :D

Well, after some more issues with our new router, I sat down and tried to configure it myself; in conclusion, Network Magic is a piece of trash program that only causes conflicts (on OUR network anyways), and I uninstalled that beyotch. The only magic it did was magically f#&*in’ up our wireless connections :/

Anywhoosit, after the uninstall, I did a hard reset on the router and did it all manually. Seems we’re in working order now, but I’ll see if I can still connect wirelessly come tomorrow morning.

myporpoise whispered: Where did you find that awesome hair for Saryn Im like dying to know D;

It’s from Midnight Hollow :) I downloaded it a while back, so I’m not sure where I found it, but someone had made it basegame compatible.

Anonymous whispered: Hn...

"H-….. nnnnnnn. Do you mock me?” >:[

Oh, Saryn, chill XD You’re very mock-worthy.


Aww, I really like this one ♥ Thanks for sharing these :D I love seeing my poses in action x)

"Are you that new neighbor guy?"

"I am. My name is Saryn."

"Your hair’s weird."


"I like it." C:

"Well, in that case, thank you, miss…?"


"Oh, he’s fine. Just shorted out on us, that’s all."

"I… see. Well, I’m glad."

"Hm? Who’s this guy?"

"Do I hear a guest? I think you do! Should we go check it out? I think we should!”

"I’m glad you finally stopped by for a visit. Your friend Sulia is welcome as well." C:

"I thank you kindly. I’m curious… how is your plumbot faring today?"

"Good morning, Mr. O’Malley. Does your offer for a tune-up still stand?"

Adrian. And of course it does.” C:

"She’s been acting a bit… wonky lately, for lack of a better word."

"Hm… yes, I think this tune-up has been a while coming. Been tuning yourself up, Theta?"


"As I suspected."

Theta’s looking pretty bad off. Maybe you should take O’Malley up on his offer for a tune-up.

"B… but… social interaction?"

Yes. Social interaction.

booieann replied to your photo: “What a handsome couple. LOL.”:
They are derps, but they are derps TOGETHER!

Especially in this save/AU, omg XD ♥

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