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Grab it now! Installation instructions included!
Also includes BONUS matching Origin Cover art and Desktop Icon!

Don’t have Ultimate Collection?

Note to self.

Anonymous whispered: i downloaded the TS2 and when i tried to play, there were no neighbourhoods in it! any idea what went wrong?

o_O Strange! I’m not entirely sure, as I haven’t loaded the game up on my PC yet :(

royhuls replied to your post: royhuls replied to your post: “SULIA N…

there is nothing wrong with the tags bc i mean ‘why buy the steak-ums when you can have the prime rib.’

lmao XD Glad you enjoyed that one!

icrvesims replied to your post: “Is the Sims 2 ultimate thing free or and does it come with all the expansions”:
Oh, so it’s every single EP/SP? None are missed out or anything?

I believe it’s all there, but I’m not entirely certain. I’ve yet to boot it up myself, but I’m pretty sure it includes most, if not all, of the EPs/SPs.

wannabegirlhere whispered: Is the Sims 2 ultimate thing free or and does it come with all the expansions

It’s free for now, so long as you log into the Origin client on your computer, and redeem the product code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS before July 31st, I think it was.

It’s the Ultimate Edition, which includes the basegame and all expansion/stuff packs :D And therefore it takes a while to download, but it’s worth it ♥

soloriya replied to your photoset “MOAR alien sims XD Look at that slew of them, though. SO MANY SIMS ON…”

so many alien sims! oh wow! <333

There’s going to be about 50 of them (counting my own sims) on the lot for this scene @_@ People sent me SO MANY alien sims, and I am so grateful for that!

I’ve moved them all into Lunar Lakes, so they’ll be popping up in my story here-and-there after the formal is over, too :D

royhuls replied to your post: “SULIA NO. WATER U DOIN?”:
your tags tho

I was super tired, and I get slap-happy-stupid when I’m really tired XD

I have no real excuse, haha.

Anonymous whispered: How long did you take your 'the sims 2 ultimate collection' to download? Mine is taking forever!

It’s a big file, so it took a while. Considering that there’s a base game and numerous expansions/stuff packs, haha. At least a couple hours, probably longer. I left it to download while I did some other things.

Ok, sims are alll on the lot, in proper attire, and have max motives; I’ve saved the game in this state, and now it’s bed time.

That last post and its stupid tags are more than enough proof I need to take my ass to bed XD




MOAR alien sims XD

Look at that slew of them, though. SO MANY SIMS ON ONE LOT D:

A few more aliens :3

Don’t mind me; still drooling over Durin x)

Pink, stormy haze ♥


Well it seems that the book is now available at Barnes and Noble/Amazon and should be available elsewhere very shortly. They have me listed as Heather Berry for some reasons but im looking to fix that. Anyways here is the link. Ill provide a full link with more info soon!! Weee you guys!!

It would be greatly appreciated if you would help get the word out!

Ah, reblogging again because NOW WITH AN AMAZON LINK! :D

I already ordered mine through the Barnes & Noble link, though; I was too excited to wait for another one ;u;

LMAO. So NOW my game registers an attraction between Myri and Saryn? Dafuq.

Well, yah, they were married at one point, so obviously there was some attraction.

Go home, game, you’re juiced oTL

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