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TBH I totally just posted this for the second screenshot here because /dead.

And MOAR squishy college beedge x)


Angular | 25x20 Lot | All items are basegame/patch.

Furnished: $26,086
Unfurnished: $11,756

DOWNLOAD FURNISHED (  1.75 MB / .package / Mediafire )

DOWNLOAD UNFURNISHED (  1.65 MB / .package / Mediafire )

Simple & Clean | 20x15 Lot | All items are basegame/patch.
Furnished: $31,116
Unfurnished: $10,814

DOWNLOAD FURNISHED (  2.1 MB / .package / Mediafire )

DOWNLOAD UNFURNISHED (  1.99 MB / .package / Mediafire )

Waterfront | 30x20 Lot | All items are basegame/patch.
DOWNLOAD UNFURNISHED (  2.43 MB / .package / Mediafire )

*This home is only available as unfurnished.

dustofsims replied to your photo: “This one’s actually just a shell (though I had started setting the…”:
Ooooh will these be put up for download?? Cuz if so I want this one! <3

I’m about to transfer them over to my desktop computer to take some better pictures and I’ll be uploading them soon :D

orangenuke replied to your post: I’m still not over @fyachii’s amazebal…

I misses these babbus. o 3 o

I’m really starting to, too. I think I was burning myself out of them (probably with all those AUs lmao!) but I’m starting to feel it again :3

I’m still not over @fyachii’s amazeball poses tho.

DOWNLOAD ( 84 kb / .package / Mediafire )

* Do please note that my poses automatically stretch the skeleton of sims in the -m positions.

That’s more like it, Daddy Long Legs.

*insert playful spat about  ‘what the hell kinda date are you to not even ask me to dance?’*

It’s late and I’m too tired to write :B

Michael Penn | No Myth

So, she says it’s time she goes
but wanted to be sure I know
she hopes we can be friends
I think, yeah, I guess we can say I
but didn’t think to ask her why
she blocked her eyes and drew the curtains
with knots I’ve got yet to untie
what if I were Romeo in black jeans
what if I was Heathcliff, it’s no myth
maybe she’s just looking for
someone to dance with

This song’s always given me college au feels in the strangest of ways. ♥

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